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  • CCleaner optimizes and cleans Windows and macOS computers.
  • It removes temporary files, cookies and unnecessary data.
  • It is user-friendly, with the option to choose what to clean.
  • Manages startup programs and uninstallations.
  • Allows users to retain specific cookies or exclude files.
  • Provides secure file deletion and wiping drive space.

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A popular computer optimization and cleaning program called CCleaner was created by Piriform to improve the speed and effectiveness of Windows and macOS systems. Users can declutter their PCs by removing extra files like temporary files, cookies, cache data, and others using CCleaner’s user-friendly interface. Additionally, it has options for controlling launch applications and uninstalling software, providing users command over the efficiency of their machine. The premium edition of CCleaner offers further capabilities like real-time monitoring and automated upgrades, making it a complete solution for keeping a clean and efficient computer environment. It is offered in both free and paid versions.

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