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Internet Download Manager

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Internet Download Manager

Key features of the Internet Download Manager (IDM):

Speed and Efficiency:

  • Multi-threaded downloading: breaks down files for simultaneous downloads, maximizing bandwidth utilization.
  • Dynamic file segmentation: optimizes download speed by adjusting segmentation based on real-time conditions.

Convenience and Control:

  • Browser integration: Integrates with popular browsers for easy download initiation.
  • Download scheduling: Schedule downloads for specific times or dates to avoid peak hours or run them while away.
  • Batch downloads: Download multiple files simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • Download resume capability: Resume interrupted downloads even after restarts or network issues.
  • Download queues and categories: Organize downloads for better management and prioritization.
  • Speed limiter: Control download speed to avoid bandwidth overload or prioritize other network activities.

Security and Customization:

  • Virus scanning and protection: Built-in antivirus scanner ensures downloaded files are safe.
  • Customizable interface: Personalize the download experience with customizable toolbar buttons, categories, and more.

Developer's description

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Developer Description:

Tonec Inc., an American software company established in 1999, is the developer and owner of Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Focus: Tonec Inc. specializes in developing download management software, with IDM being their flagship product. They continuously improve and update IDM to provide users with a reliable and efficient download experience.

Expertise: Tonec Inc. possesses extensive expertise in download acceleration techniques, file segmentation algorithms, browser integration, and download management functionalities. Their team of developers actively works on maintaining and enhancing IDM’s core features while incorporating new technologies and addressing user needs.

Commitment: Tonec Inc. is committed to providing users with a comprehensive and user-friendly download management solution. They actively listen to user feedback and strive to improve IDM’s features and functionality through regular updates and enhancements.


  • Tonec Inc. offers technical support and resources to assist users with any issues they may encounter while using IDM.
  • They also maintain a website with detailed information about IDM, its features, and its licensing options.

Overall, Tonec Inc. is a dedicated developer of download management software, with IDM being a testament to their expertise and commitment to providing users with a powerful and efficient download experience.

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